White Collar Crime

San Diego White Collar Crime Defense Attorneys

Any number of events may trigger an investigation for white collar crime, some of which may
be beyond your or your business entity’s control. Perhaps the most important aspect of building a
defense against any resulting charges is demonstrating a lack of intent to defraud.

At Conforti & Turner in San Diego, our lawyers will build a strong white collar crime defense
against state and federal charges.

Chula Vista Lawyers, Building an Aggressive Defense Against Bribery and Larceny Charges

We represent clients against the full spectrum of white collar crimes, including:

Money laundering
Fraudulent business practices such as insurance fraud , computer fraud, mail and wire
, mortgage and financial fraud, welfare fraud and tax fraud
Price fixing
Racketeering charges under RICO
Obstruction of justice
Securities and commodities law violations
Environmental law violations and fraud
Perjury and conspiracy charges

Successful dismissal or acquittal of these charges depends on meticulous preparation: a thorough
discovery request and intensive examination of all related evidence recovered such as internal
memos and other communications. In some cases, when we are made aware of the prosecution’s
investigation into your business activities prior to charges being filed, we may be able to prevent
a scandal and the associated lost business opportunities by showing there is not enough evidence
to support an indictment.

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Our Chula Vista attorneys will use their vast legal knowledge to build a strong defense against
bribery and larceny charges and to make sure our clients’ constitutional rights are protected. We
are available by phone or in person. Call us at 619-272-6045 or toll free at 800-405-1685 for
assistance, or contact us online to schedule an appointment.