San Diego Criminal Lawyers

San Diego Criminal Lawyers

Forceful, Intelligent Legal Representation

Being charged with a criminal offense doesn’t mean that you are guilty as charged, and it doesn’t mean that you are powerless, regardless of how you have been treated by police, law enforcement agents or prosecutors. Under state and federal laws, you have the right to defend yourself against the charges with the help of an attorney of your choice, and you are considered innocent until proven guilty.

Conforti & Turner, we are highly focused. We devote the majority of our practice to defending our clients’ rights in criminal matters in the San Diego area. As defense lawyers, we handle cases related to:

Our attorneys know how federal sentencing guidelines work, and we can use various methods to minimize the consequences for our clients.

Aggressive, Meticulous and Organized

Many criminal defense lawyers bill themselves as aggressive, but we are well known for being relentless in defending our clients’ rights. In addition to being forceful and vigorous in holding the prosecution to proving our clients’ guilt, we have achieved strong outcomes in scores of cases because of our thorough analysis, careful research and meticulous preparation. We are extremely well organized and attentive to detail because each case matters to us.

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