Probation Violations

Probation Violations Attorney San Diego

What is a probation violation? When the offender on probation is ordered to follow certain conditions set forth by the San Diego court system and they fail do so while under the supervision of probation. That person is violating their parole in San Diego County.

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While on probation the offender is required to refrain from possessing a gun or weapons, abide by a specific curfew, live at the address at which their parole officer is aware of and obey certain orders set by the court and parole officer. The offender should also refrain from contact with the victims especially if the victim was a minor.

There are several restrictions involved when a person is on parole and depending on the crime that was committed some of those restrictions could involve, ban on possession of alcohol, even if alcohol was not involved in the crime, drug or alcohol testing, community service as well as possible psychological treatment.

Violating your parole in San Diego County is a very serious charge. We highly recommend contacting our law office today to speak directly with one of our criminal defense attorneys about your parole violation to find out how we can help you.

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