Mortgage Fraud and Financial Fraud

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Defend Yourself Against Serious White Collar Charges

The mortgage catastrophe that contributed to the 2008 economic collapse has been attributed to problematic lending practices during the preceding years, but blame can be assigned in different ways. Loan officers, real estate agents, developers and other professionals have been charged with collusive fraud and other serious crimes when they may have been following protocols set by those in higher positions.

If you have been charged with mortgage fraud or financial fraud, you are understandably concerned about the outcome, and you may feel like you have been blamed for a much bigger problem. At Conforti & Turner, our attorneys aggressively defend clients in federal and state criminal matters related to mortgage lending, including:

  • The use of stated income letters designed to make borrowers look good on paper
  • Fraud related to loan processing and fees
  • Inflated appraisals
  • Straw buyer financing
  • Title indiscretions

In any of these matters, the prosecution’s job is to prove that your intent was to defraud. We are experienced at holding the prosecutor to the burden of proof, fighting for the constitutional rights of our clients and making sure that proper criminal process is maintained. To that end, we will thoroughly investigate, strategize, prepare and challenge the prosecution powerfully on your behalf.

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If you have been accused of mortgage fraud, document fraud or another federal financial crime, the attorneys at Conforti & Turner can advise you regarding your legal rights and your options for defending yourself. We are available to discuss your situation in detail by phone or in person. As your attorneys, we will develop a viable defense strategy and represent you aggressively in federal or state court. Call us at 619-272-6045 or toll free at 800-405-1685 for assistance.