Money Laundering

San Diego Money Laundering Defense Attorney

Money laundering is the financial progression of criminal activity or any action taken to
hide money obtained through illegal activity. Qualifying financial actions include making a
withdrawal, payment, transfer or deposit of money through any financial institution. Under
California law, the financial transaction or transactions must have totaled $5,000 within
seven days or $25,000 within 30 days. Intent to participate in laundering money must also be

At Conforti & Turner in San Diego, our money laundering defense attorneys represent
individuals and business clients against state and federal charges to avoid the severe penalties
associated with conviction.

Encinitas, California, Bulk Cash Smuggling Charge Lawyer

Given the proximity to the Mexican border, California money laundering charges are often
associated with bulk cash smuggling — the concealment of more than $10,000 for transfer in and out of the United States, in an attempt to avoid currency reporting requirements. These crimes are usually charged in conjunction with the illegal activities they attempted to hide, including:

Drug trafficking
Sex trafficking
Other trafficking in illegal goods

Our white collar crime defense attorneys will defend against money laundering charges
by building a defense that demonstrates the accused individual or business entity did not
know where the money came from, or did not know that he or she was carrying out financial
transactions intended for this purpose.

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