Mail Fraud and Wire Fraud

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Mail fraud and wire fraud are often prosecuted as federal crimes that can bring serious penalties, including prison sentences and large fines. These forms of fraud involve the use of postal mail, shipping or other interstate transmissions to defraud or deceive someone, usually with regard to their money or property. As with other fraud charges, the prosecution must prove that the accused person had the intent to defraud — to use mail or wires to deceive for the sake of gain — whether the charges involve an alleged scam, a misrepresented service or product, or another supposedly fraudulent action or scheme.

Effective defense against mail and wire fraud requires a thorough review of the evidence and detailed preparation at every stage. Sometimes federal charges are unfounded, but this must be clearly shown by the defense.

At Conforti & Turner, our attorneys use their extensive defense experience to represent those charged with fraud, challenging the prosecution to prove the allegations and sometimes the jurisdictional basis of the case, and protecting our clients’ constitutional rights. We can help you if you have been accused.

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If you have been charged with mail fraud, wire fraud or another white collar or financial crime, the knowledgeable defense lawyers at Conforti & Turner can advise you regarding your legal rights and your options for defending yourself.

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