Insurance Fraud

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Insurance fraud is the intent to provide false information or hide true information in order to secure benefits under a homeowners, life, health, worker’s compensation or auto insurance policy to which one is not otherwise entitled. This may include the alleged fabrication of motor vehicle accidents, injuries, medical conditions, or lost, stolen or damaged personal or commercial property. Insurance companies that deny valid insurance claims may also be found guilty of fraud.

The San Diego lawyers at Conforti & Turner provide strategic insurance fraud defense that may prevent charges from ever being filed, or will substantially minimize the charges and associated consequences of conviction.

Encinitas, California, False Insurance Claim Lawyer

The serious penalties associated with conviction of filing a false insurance claim include incarceration in jail or prison. An insurance company’s denial of a valid insurance claim is punishable by severe financial penalties and possible criminal sanctions.

Insurance companies will often go to great lengths to avoid paying a claim — it is how they remain profitable. They employ trained analysts whose primary responsibility is using information to minimize or completely deny injuries or other loss. In some cases, they go too far and accuse a policyholder of fraud.

Our attorneys will build a defense against these and other fraud charges by thoroughly examining the prosecutor’s case to identify its weaknesses. The most successful defenses against charges of filing a fraudulent claim are that the information provided was accurate or that the provision of false information was unintentional.

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