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Embezzlement is taking improper possession of property such as money or goods from
someone with whom the accused had a “fiduciary relationship,” or relationship of trust such as
a contractor and developer, or a stock broker and his or her client. The penalties associated with
conviction of embezzlement depend on the value of the goods stolen, but will likely include a
substantial fine and possible jail time.

The San Diego lawyers at Conforti & Turner will use their extensive knowledge and expansive
experience in defending against white collar crimes to build an embezzlement defense.

Poway Lawyer, Representing Clients Accused of Financial Fraud

To establish a conviction under California law, the prosecutor must not only show that the individual charged with embezzlement had a relationship of trust with the victim that resulted in possession of property. They must also show that the accused had responsibility for the property and that he or she intended to commit financial fraud by taking the money or goods for his or her own use to the deprivation of the rightful owner.

Embezzlement may also be charged in conjunction with money laundering if taking the money or goods was done for committing another illegal activity, or with other forms of fraud such as mail and wire fraud.

Our white collar crime defense attorneys will thoroughly investigate all available evidence, including witness interviews, personal and business emails, internal business memos, and other communications or financial documents to build a case for dismissal or acquittal. In some cases where an investigation is ongoing but charges have not yet been filed, we may be able to prevent charges from ever being filed.

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