Drug Trafficking

San Diego Drug Trafficking Defense Attorneys

Drug trafficking is selling, transporting or importing illegal substances such as cocaine, heroin,
methamphetamine or marijuana across county, state or federal borders. At Conforti & Turner, we
represent clients facing these charges, as well as a variety of other state and federal drug-related

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Chula Vista, California, Drug Importation Charge Lawyers

Drug trafficking or importation is commonly charged in conjunction with drug cultivation or
, possession and intent to sell, as well as related white collar crimes such as money
laundering or bulk cash smuggling.

The penalties for conviction of drug trafficking and other related drug crimes vary according to
the type and quantity of the illegal drug. Generally speaking, however, federal penalties include
mandatory minimum prison sentences. California law also imposes severe penalties, which
include years in prison. You could also lose your property, including your vehicle or home!

Our criminal defense lawyers will build a defense against these charges by carefully examining
the circumstances of your investigation and arrest. We will make sure that your constitutional
rights were not infringed upon, and search for other avenues to secure dismissal or acquittal, or
reduce the charges and associated penalties.

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