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Strong Representation in Possession and Distribution Matters

In other parts of the country, California is considered to have permissive marijuana laws, but these laws are not interpreted favorably in every possession situation, nor do they provide for leniency in many distribution cases. Indeed, some Californians find themselves facing jail time or stiff fines.

If you have been charged with a crime related to marijuana, our attorneys can help. At Conforti & Turner, we provide strong defense against charges including:

  • Possession of marijuana: Possession involving less than ounce of marijuana is considered an infraction in the state of California, while possession of larger amounts can constitute a misdemeanor or felony.
  • Possession for sale or possession with intent to distribute: If you have been charged with distribution of marijuana, the severity of the charges will depend on the amount in question.
  • Federal smuggling or trafficking charges involving larger amounts of marijuana, often when border or state line crossings are alleged
  • Marijuana cultivation or growing, which can be charged according to plant maturity and weight. Grow labs are a phenomenon that our attorneys understand well.
  • Medical marijuana charges related to participation in or use of a cannabis dispensary or collective. Our attorneys possess an excellent understanding of laws related to medicinal marijuana.

In defending you, we can challenge the prosecution in numerous ways: by conducting a re-weigh, by testing the substance in question or by attacking the search and seizure that led to the charges.

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If you have been charged with misdemeanor or felony possession or distribution of marijuana, or if you believe your “compassionate use” rights have been violated, Conforti & Turner for advice.

Equipped with a detailed knowledge of California and federal marijuana laws, we can answer your questions and explain in detail your options for dealing with the charges. If you choose to retain us as your defense counsel, we will develop a viable defense strategy and represent you aggressively in court. Call us at 619-272-6045 or toll free at 800-405-1685 for assistance.