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In the context of prosecution, conspiracy is charged as a separate crime, often in conjunction with drug dealing, fraud or other state or federal criminal charges. If you are facing conspiracy charges and need the help of an experienced defense attorney who can protect your rights, contact Conforti & Turner.

Conspiracy charges can greatly complicate a case and make the penalties more severe if a conviction results. If the prosecution can prove that you were in agreement with other people in a criminal matter, you can be included as a conspirator in crimes committed by a group. Essentially, this means that you can be held responsible for the behavior of others, even if you had nothing to do with their actions. For example, if you are charged with conspiracy in a matter that includes a violent crime, you can be sent to jail despite the fact that you did nothing violent.

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We understand the seriousness of California and federal conspiracy charges, and we have the knowledge and experience to fight those charges.

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The conspiracy defense lawyers of Conforti & Turner have dealt with many cases involving conspiracy charges. We can advise you regarding your legal rights and your options for defending yourself against whatever accusations you are facing. As your attorneys, we will develop a strong defense strategy and represent you aggressively in federal or state court.

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